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ΑρχικήΓνώμεςAnother military coup...

Another military coup in Greece – can you blame them?

Patrick Henningsen- Infowars.

The road couldn’t be bumpier.

As the G20 meet today in Cannes, you can bet that the embattled Greek PM George Papandreou will be getting ‘the hair-dryer treatment’ from Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Sarkozy.

Back in Athens, Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek finance minister and the PM’s likely successor – was hospitalised on Tuesday suffering from the mother of all stomach ulcers.

Only a few days ago the markets cheered and Merkel fawned the press as Europe agreed to a rescue package for Athens. But Greece’s PM threw a major spanner into the works right after with his shock announcement to allow the Greek people a referendum on whether or not to accept this latest hard-fought Euro debt deal.

If the referendum goes ahead, and the people reject certain Euro-IMF-debt slavery, then Greece will default on their toxic debt to the mega banks. This also means that Greece will leave the EU and also return to its native currency- the Drachma.

But it might not even happen that way… Papandreou‘s government is still embroiled in a battle for survival, with a new vote of confidence scheduled for this Friday. If there is a vote of no confidence, then the Greek government will effectively collapse on the spot – and hence, no referendum vote can take place.

 If that happens they will have a new election in 23 days, but if no majority wins, and unless there is a viable coalition gov’t without Papandreou – then no coalition agreement will be in place, and they will have yet another election. This process could roll over and over…


If the government is in danger of collapse, then Greece could be looking at a genuine military coup d’etat.

This theory has gained credence since Athens announced a wild reshuffle, sacking its military leaders in every branch of the forces on Tuesday. The defence ministry confirmed that Greece’s state security council replaced the heads of the general staff, the army, navy and air force, and discharged a scores of army and navy officers.

Greece is no stranger to the military coup, only forty-odd years earlier it was ruled rule by a series of right-wing military juntas starting on 21 April 1967, and ending in July 1974.

Why are the Greek political establishment already freaking out over the prospects of a military coup, enough to sack half the brass?

As the anti-austerity protests have gained steam in recent weeks, members of the police and the army have naturally gravitated over to the people’s side of things, a recipe for disaster in a banker-controlled bureaucracy who is expected to maintain law and order while the country is essentially held down and financially raped by northern European banks.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported today:

That raised speculation about the possibility of a military coup in Greece, an outcome said to have been deemed possible in a secret assessment by the CIA. Greek-Cypriot Nobel economics laureate Professor Christopher Pissarides, of the London School of Economics, said:

 ‘Before 1974, when politicians were arguing and fighting, the military came in and said, “Come on now, let’s stop, there’s military rule until you sort it out”. ‘Since 1974, of course, democracy has worked, but it’s worrying when you have news about armed officers being replaced right in the middle of an economic crisis.’

 The military may in fact be wanting to save their country from Greece’s ‘creditors’, who are demanding that Greece pass crippling austerity measures before they pile on more loans, circa $152 billion in bailout loans from other Eurozone central banks and the IMF.

 The IMF have an impressive record- throughout history they are able to turn any country into a permanent third world resident, or developing nation. The international bankers will offer neo-liberal shock therapy where everything will be cut out of society, and the middle classes will flee for a better life somewhere else. Their record speaks for itself.

Greeks also recognize that their national sovereignty is at stake- will they be ruled by banks in Northern Europe or will they be ruled by themselves?


Despite what banking apologists and Europhiles will tell you, a Greek default is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of Europe. Similar defaults with countries like Ecuador and Iceland have taken place without collapsing the world economy. For the banks however, a default means they won’t be getting those giant bonus, and less Ferraris, Lamborghinis and yachts will be sold in 2012, and less money will be spent on escort services in the City.

 In terms of the European single currency however, if Greece goes down, Europe goes down, and therefore the globalist toxic banking business goes down.

 The main problem that most Euro leaders and the mob at the G20 will not mention is that Greece and everyone else are linked together by a toxic anchor and chain known as the Credit Default Swap (CDS). It is these toxic products that eventually sabotage any real working solution that the army pseudo-geniuses will come up with at meetings like the G20.

Yet, there is still no talk of eliminating toxic products like the CDS.

In this way, the CDS (where bankers are able to insure their gambling losses) is contagious, or what pundits like Max Keiser refer to as “the financial equivalent of herpes“, a virus that can only be treated and not cured. It is these type of dodgy gambling tools that motivate the predatory lenders like Goldman Sachs who routinely target countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and the rest.

 In the end, banks are after one thing: liquidity. Greece may be forced to sell its assets on the cheap through hock and forced privatization. As the bankers acquire new assets, through their toxic toys, they are then able to create more money- multiply their money, all out of this new liquidity.

If Greece and the rest of us are to survive these financial high crimes, we must break free of all the “There Is No Alternative” (TINA)-type scenarios society is constantly force-fed.

The US was fed the same TINA pill before the first banker bailouts in 2008, Obama and McCain did the bankers’ PR for them and Congress passed it. And Goldman Sachs got a lot richer.

We need to start asking the right questions, and call the banks out on their tools which should be flat-out abolished. Otherwise, we will just keep going round in circles of looting and raping by the banks.

No matter what they tell you, no matter how much they scream at you- don’t swallow the TINA.

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